Boost User Engagement
On completing publisher set milestones, users unlock rewards, which eventually extends their session time in your apps / websites and decreases the app uninstall & website bounce rates.
Maximize the Metrics
With access to achievable milestones, users unlock rewards, which eventually extends the session time of your apps / websites and decreases the app uninstall rates or website bounce rates.
Increase Revenue
Rewards Network allows publishers to boost their revenue without removing their existing Ad Network and increase the Ad earnings by improving User life time value.


It’s a first of kind Network with digital users across different apps and websites, where a brand is advertised as a Reward. Users get to pick these rewards, when they complete simple milestones within the app or website they use. This increases engagement for our Publisher partners and gives a unique way for our Brand partners to acquire users.
Rewards are known to fuel user motivation. Hundreds of our partners have experienced increase in user engagement and retention, after adding our Rewards Network to their app or website for instant gratification.
  • Increased user engagement level.
  • Amplified users’ Lifetime Value and Ad revenue.
  • Reduced marketing cost.
  • Increased revisits.
  • Reduced app uninstall rates.
Absolutely, yes. We give you full liberty to set the desired milestones, considering the fact of you knowing your users in and out.
Post Rewards Network integration, when a user completes a milestone set by you within your app or website, they will be shown a set of 5 curated Rewards to choose from. Once the user picks the reward they like, the same will be communicated via any one of the channels: Mails/SMS/in app notifications.
Not at all. We have given special attention to user experience to make sure that the whole process takes place within your platform.
The entire Rewards Network runs on an Algorithm, which personalizes rewarding to an individual user level, keeping their excitement high.
Codemojo’s Algorithm ensures that there are no conflicting brands appearing on your platform. If you still wish to avoid displaying any particular brand within your app/website, let us know in advance.
No. As a matter of fact, we are known to augment your existing ad network revenues, as ‘Rewarding’ increases user engagement and results in better consumption, sharing and retention.
Codemojo and the Brand Partner together will take the responsibilities of resolving all the queries regarding the rewards.
The Reward system comes to you at Zero cost. Additionally, you get a part of the revenue that we make from our Brand Partners.
It takes 30 mins for integrating the Rewards Network with your app/website. To begin your journey with us, register online

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