Wallet Mojo

Wallet Mojo, is a rewards wallet component for your website and mobile apps, where you can store your loyalty and gamification points, and run special campaigns to drive repeat purchases.  

With our conversion tools, decide how you want to channel all your points into on place and drive redemptions.
  • Closed loop credit system  to incentivize customers instead of discounts, ensuring customer revisit and engagement
  • Increase brand recall by naming your reward currency with reference to your brand
  • Trigger purchases through point expiry system
Referral Mojo comes with array of Features, which makes referral marketing effortless at the same time efficient.  
  • Your different points (Loyalty, Gamifiaction, Referral) are stored in separate slots each with their own conversion factor
  • Built-in transaction management like Full/partial refund, order cancellation, transaction history etc.
  • Set expiry period to points to increase spending activity
  • Rest API & Mobile SDK that makes the wallet available across all your platforms
  • Secured cloud infrastructure, ensuring protection of your data at all times
  • Add Points: Apply coupon code and get 100 points credited to your wallet, redeem within 7 days
  • Point Expiry: You have 50 Loyalty points in you wallet, redeem before 10th of October to avoid expiry of your points.
  • Conversions: 1000 gamification points = $10