Rewards Mojo

Rewards Network powers programmatic rewarding for millions of users across our different channel partners like Mobile apps, Websites, etc. via Real world rewards which are exclusive offers from premium brands such as BigBasket, OYO, Burger King, Adidas, Puma, Baskin Robins etc.

Our Plug & Play Solution Solves the following Stakeholders problem:

For our Publisher partners (Apps,websites,etc..) in engaging and increasing the longevity of their customers through instant gratification

For our Brand partners in getting the undivided consumer's attention by being a Reward and not as a in app/website Advertisement

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Rewards Mojo helps publishers engage & retain their customers by enabling them to reward their users with actual rewards from premium brands which are redeemable in storefronts. The rewards can be triggered against a specific milestone achieved by an user within the publisher own app, improving engagement & retention. Publishers also get a additional revenu channel as commission when their user redeems an offer with the Brand.

In a nutshell you get to reward your users with some of the best offers from top brands and in additional create secondary revenue stream apart from the standard Ad Networks.

Currently Rewards Mojo connects over 20mn users across different apps to some of the premium brands.

Sign up for Free » Rewards Mojo is completely free for you to use. Currently Rewards Mojo connects over 20mn users across different apps to some of the premium brands.

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  • Give away real world vouches from top brands as Rewards to your Users
  • Completely Free for you to use
  • Make your customer go the extra mile to grab a reward they like
  • Decide various triggers for awarding rewards within your app
  • Increase app engagement & create stickiness resulting in improved ad revenue from existing Ad networks
  • Additionally Get a share paid out from us when you user redeems the coupons
  • Set up your own reward system in less than 10 min & 10 lines with codes
  • SDK & Rest API to work seamlessly with your app and websites

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  • Reward your user post installation as a welcome treat
  • Incentivize them on completing certain levels or power ups
  • Rewards against referring your app
  • As a gratitude for they sharing their experience on social media

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