Referral Mojo

User referral for your Websites & Mobile Apps


Referral Mojo is a Plug & Play component for your web & Mobile apps enabling customer referral marketing for your product in under 10 minutes. With Referral Mojo, you can implement a referral program so seamless, that it can work in highest efficiency augmenting your marketing efforts across multiple touch points ensuring maximum success rate.


  • Referrals has proven to increase business topline by 65%
  • The Average Life time value of a new customer, referred by a exisiting customer is proven to be 16% more.
  • There is a 400% higher chance of purchase, by  a customer to your brand by a friend


Referral Mojo comes with array of Features, which makes referral marketing effortless at the same time efficient.  
  • Live dashboard, that gives you an over view of your referral program in seconds
  • Fraud protection enabled, ensuring your program is highly secured
  • Rest API & Mobile SDK that makes the referral program work across all your platforms
  • Secured cloud infrastructure, ensuring protection of your data at all times

Use case

  • Simple Referral Program: Refer a friend and when you friend makes his/her first purchase with us you get $10 & your friend gets $10
  • Tactical Referral Campaign: Referral week, The top referrer of the day/week/month will get a special voucher