Loyalty Mojo

Loyalty Mojo is a SAAS based plug & play component that powers closed loop loyalty program for mobile app and website in under 10 minutes. With our powerful interactive dashboard, configuring the loyalty program is effortless.

Reward points against transaction, roll them over tiers segmenting your most loyal customers, add special benefits for mobile purchases and special category products.
  • Improve customer stickiness with loyalty points
  • Drive repeat purchases
  • Identify and engage your most loyal customers
  • Keep the program closed loop, preventing customer leakage
  • Completely white-labelled ensuring only your brand is in focus
  • Click and configure dashboard to make any changes or augment your basic program
  • Decide how much points customer should receive per transaction
  • Configure and limit redemption based on your bottom-line and LTV
  • Give away additional perks for customers who transact through mobile
  • Award special points for special product categories
  • Reward cashback or points against transactions, ex: Get 10% as loyalty points against total transaction value
  • Redemption limit, ex: Redeem upto 25% or 200 points which ever is higher against your purchase
  • Platform benefits: Purchase through the app and get additional 5% cashback
  • Category Benefits: Buy any of our limited edition service and get additional 10% cashback