Gamification Mojo

Gamification Mojo, is a  SAAS based plug & play component for your website and mobile app that lets you gamify your customer engagement in under 10 minutes. Once integrated, you can start awarding points for any customer action or achievement award them badges. Drive revisits and user generated content. Track customer engagement level and plug in leakage
  • Increase user generated content to improve SEO of your website
  • Get more likes & Shares on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc..
  • Increase frequency of visits to your website or app by awarding points
  • Track every move of your customer and keep them engaged at all times
  • Point based reward system
  • Award points against customer actions
  • Set reward points for customer achievements
  • Giveaway badges for your customers based on points accumulated¬†
  • Rest API & SDK available for your Mobile app & wesbites
  • Choose the typoe of currency, call them Dollar, coffeebeans, coins etc..
  • Get deep insights on your customer engagement through our powerful live dashboard
  • Set Rewards for opening the app ex: Day 1 - 10 points, Day 2 - 20 points, Day 10: Eligible for a free delivery
  • Write a review and get 50 points, write 5 reviews and unlock Editor badges
  • Share the product online in your social media walls and get 10 points