What is Codemojo?

Codemojo is an enterprise technology company started in 2014  and headquartered in Chennai, India. Codemojo solves critical customer engagement issues that are faced by small medium or large enterprises. In the past few years, companies were focussed mainly on acquiring new customers and building their user base, whereas, in the coming times, we at Codemojo firmly believe that their focus will shift towards customer engagement and retention and maximize their ROI on cost of customer acquisition.

Codemojo"s products and services have been built understanding our clients core requirements, ensuring we support them to achieve their customer engagement milestones.

The last 10 years have been all about customer acquisition, the next 10 years will be about customer engagement & retention.

Codemojo offers white-labelled, plug & play components that can be easily integrated with existing and new mobile apps & websites in under 10 lines and 10 minutes. Trusted by top brands across the world, a single time integration of Codemojo's fully managed services like Referral, Loyalty, Gamification & Rewards wallet ensures that you will have all the necessary tools to engage & retain your customers through multiple touchpoints.

Power your marketing campaigns

Step beyond plain coupon code with promotional credits to increase user Life Time Value. Users with positive wallet balance are 60% more likely to transact.

Move from Pipeline to Production

All our components are fully managed & production ready out of the box. By using CodeMojo you can cut time & cost on the tedious process of designing, developing, managing & scaling the component

How it works?

  1. Register your account & login to the dashboard
  2. Activate & configure services
  3. Download the SDK / use our APIs